Drouin S.C 19th-23rd March 2012

The Summit welcomed Drouin Secondary College Year 8’s to Trafalgar for a five day planned program.  There were high expectations placed in this local school, focusing on getting all the students to give everything a go and attempt to push themselves into the unknown, much different to what they were used to back at school. We are pleased to announce that they didn’t disappoint.

Heidi, where is Heidi?

Some special mentions to some outstanding students go to Carly on Sky Bridge for continuously getting up when she kept falling over. Zane for his amazing effort on Leap of Faith which involved him grabbing on the bar one handed with his eyes closed. BIG congratulations to Taylor, Chloe and Matt for pushing themselves on Summit Window.  Also, to Emily and Emily for confusing Jake on the Giant Swing.  Petey and Molly pushed themselves and put in a massive effort  all week by supporting and encouraging their group and smashing out all the activities. Finally, the determination shown by Sammy on Abseil was nothing short of amazing.

Group 5, The Squirts, were the winners of the Monster Challenge team, by improving on their own time by such a great deal. Well done Squirts! Also a special mention to Team Unlisted, (Group 1) for triumphing on the Bush Challenge.

Value winners- these special people were outstanding throughout the week in displaying the values they nominated at the start of the camp. They held true to their team beliefs and were nominated as exceptional performers.

The A team-Katrina and Kim

Unlisted- Emma P
Muka Boys- Harvey
Sorta Chronics- Peter and  Molly
Mambo Cobras- Heldi
Squirts-  Team Effort

Who is the best at hide and seek…..? you know who.

And remember, what you believe and focus on will happen- believe and YOU WILL achieve!

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