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At the Summit, we not only have physical activities but we also have workshops to strengthen the mind


Continue your Journey

Our courses are designed to continue the impact achieved during your camp. The real power lies what happens after you leave The Summit.


The Limitless online course is presented by Nathan Hulls.Nathan’s Mission is to Engage, Inspire and Empower Young People To Understand Themselves, Be Their Best and Make A Positive Difference In Their World! In the world of youth motivational speakers Nathan Hulls is a breath of fresh air. He speaks from the heart about issues which are real to young people today. Nathan can relate because he has faced adversity, suffered loss, endured disability and come out on top.

We are the only camp in Australia to offer post camp educational online courses. 

Online Courses



Click here to enroll to our Free Online Limitless Course 

"I  recently completed the online  Limitless course and it has got me thinking about my life in so many new ways.  I've been using some of the strategies Nathan  suggested  and it has been really helpful."
St. Paul's Anglican Grammar

"Nathan addressed my Year 12 students at their study camp. The message is a simple one, but delivered with the calibre of many a stand up comic. To get such an empowering, uplifting, motivational message across with laughter and engagement was a real feat without any of the cliched cheese or “whoop”. The message is being revisited in my year level meetings, and my addresses to parents on information evenings. What is the message? Now that would be telling. But in my 16 years teaching I’ve taught all-comers; from the brightest to the most damaged and damaging. This message is a key to fulfilment for all. I’ll be rebooking Nathan."

Justin Cooper VCE Coordinator Bacchus Marsh Grammar

 "I wanted to say thanks for letting me know what true success is! I always thought of success in the future as money, power, a hot husband and a big house. I never picture myself being successful in life but when you gave a more true definition of success it really changed my negative view of the future into a more positive one. Thank you so much!"

Year 9 Student Belmont High School Geelong


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