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That was your attitude all week Glen Waverley and it was AWESOME! It’s always a pleasure having grade 5’s and it’s always a pleasure having grade 6’s! Having both grade 5’s and 6’s however was wicked! You guys were a ball of energy and excitement which made camp all the more fun!

We started Wednesday finding our feet in our new tribes. After three initiatives we were feeling more comfortable together and we were ready to conquer all the activities together as a tribe. We also had cemented our identity with a new tribal name. All the names were very creative, we had ……








Now that you were all ready for the activities after lunch we had three rotations of the 7 wicked activities planned. The activities were Bush Challenge, Flying Fox, Cave, Rock Wall, Snake and Nails, Leap of Faith and Giant Swing. I think we can agree we ended the first day fairly exhausted, but however still excited for tomorrow.

The second day began and we warned you that it was going to be a good one, a big one and one to remember. I think it took you guys until the monster course until you believed us. The monster course was epic and exciting and you guys did a great job, and were ready to go back to have a warm shower and then we told you that we were going to challenge you with a SECOND LAP. The surprise took a lot of you off guard, some thought we were kidding, some were excited and eager and some of you thought that two laps was IMPOSSIBLE. Maybe it was going to be your greatest camp challenge or your greatest challenge EVER. Despite the doubts you all smashed through the course for a second time. When you finished you are realised a couple of things. You learnt that you could do more than you thought. You also learnt that despite being challenging you got through it and you ended up with an example of a tough situation that you got through.

We were all very impressed and proud of you guys! Never forget how much effort you put it. How much you gave, despite not thinking it was possible.

We ended camp on the third day by running a muck and having all the fun with inflatables, a scavenger hunt and war games.

We had been practising the 5 keys all week, however i think it was our last rotation together where the ‘Don’t go home wondering what if’ key really played a part. You all ended camp with an incredible energy and attitude to give everything a go. It was so cool to see how well you guys were working in your tribes and how much self confidence and support you were carrying!

I congratulate you all for you efforts. A very special well done to our tribal winners for the camp they had, and the amazing efforts they showed to PLAY ALL IN, HAVE FUN, GET COMFORTABLE BEING UNCOMFORTABLE, MAKE MISTAKES AND DON’T GO HOME WONDERING WHAT IT. Well done, Katherine, Jackson, Usha, Andrew, Mehak, Harry, Kahleef, Jacob and Steph.

Here are some results for the competition challenges:

Photo Scavenger Hunt:

Tribe 1: 540

Tribe 2: 450

Tribe 3: 320

Tribe 4: 340

Tribe 5: 390

Tribe 6: 470

Tribe 7: 520

Bush Challenge:

Tribe 1: 24:19

Tribe 2: 26:44

Tribe 3: 30:50

Tribe 4: 49:47

Tribe 5: 29:28

Tribe 6: 38:42

Tribe 7: 42:13

The Monster Course (improvement times):

Tribe 1: 1:05

Tribe 2: 1:45

Tribe 3: 6:45

Tribe 4: 2:50

Tribe 5: 2:15

Tribe 6: + 30 seconds

Tribe 7: 6:10

Thanks so much for coming to the summit and trusting us and giving us all you had during Camp. We are all so grateful for the week we had.

Stay Legendary, Get Loose and Keep embracing the adventure!

Maddi, Steph, Peyton, Bec, Aj, Tom, Jordan, Dan, Timmy, Jackie, Liv

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