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Lighthouse Christian School

On Monday the 4th September the grade 5 students and their teachers arrived full of beans ready to go for an awesome three day camp. Eagerly excited were the coaches from the Summit as well. With the rainy weather set to stay for most of the camp the attitude to get out and make the camp even more fun was definitely happening with plenty of laughs throughout the camp.

Tribe 1-4 became their own identities with tribe 1 becoming the Guardians of the Summit, tribe 2 becoming Terminators, Tribe 3 becoming Tree Survivors and tribe 4 becoming Summit Squad.

Chloe was a real rock star (pardon the pun) on the rock wall. Her attempt and success to get to the top was very inspiring to her group and encouraged them to do the same. Amanda was the same with her attempt of the rock wall making it up the fastest. Mark was super supportive to his tribe for the entire camp duration. Briaan was extremely brave on the giant swing and really got comfortable being uncomfortable as she pushed to go to the top of the swing.

Group challenge were dominated by Guardians of the summit with them taking out the best time for Snowy river challenge in 23:55 and the monster course in 13:49. Great effort boys, you really worked well together to achieve the group goals.

Congratulations to the tribe value winners for your great tribe contributions throughout camp. As the reward you were rewarded with a hot lapin the Summit W.W.II army tank.

The winners were Ryan. C and Preston from Guardians of the Summit, John from the Terminators, Indi from Tree Survivors and Anita from Summit Survivors.

Thank you once again to Vincent, his staff and the Students from Lighthouse Christian College. We look forward to seeing you back at the Summit in the near future.

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