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Kyneton Secondary College

What a great few days we had with Kyneton Secondary College. With the weather being cold, we warmed up with a few fun games of finger pull and 1,2 step. From there we jumped straight into two of our first four rotations. These activities were Orienteering, Bush Challenge, Snake and Nails, and Sky Bridge. The focus for day one was Play all In and Have fun which you all defiantly embraced.

Day two, what an ACTION PACKED DAY! With four rotations and the epic monster course coming our way! By the morning we had our tribe names locked in; Tribe one were now the Ytnoms, Tribe two were Brandz, Tribe three were Dusty for brownlow and Tribe four were the Redskins. After completing our final two rotations of first activities, we filed up with some lunch. There we introduced the next two keys; Get comfortable being uncomfortable and make lots of mistakes, we aimed to focus on these for the rest of our rotations and of course the massive monster course. After lunch our new activities were; Laser Skirmish, Cave, Summit Window and Giant swing we defiantly saw students get outside their comfort zone.

Finally the time had come for our monster course, everyone was keen to get out there and get wet and muddy which we sure did. All the coaches were super impressed with the level of team work and effort put into your first lap! Then we surprised you with a SECOND LAP! A lot of you had your doubts whether you could complete this second lap but everyone did amazing and two teams even improved their times! After an exhausting day it was off to a hot shower and to sit back to watch the first AFL final.

Day three and final day of camp. We started the day reviewing the keys we have already mentioned and dedicated the last day to the fifth and final key ‘Don’t go home wondering what if’. We asked the students to play all in so they wouldn't go home with regrets and they defiantly did. We finished off our epic journey with our values winners getting a special reward for their outstanding efforts within the tribes the last few days.

Thank you so much Kyneton for coming and allowing us to unleash some of your greatness! Remember the lessons learnt at camp can be taken home and used in your everyday lives!


Dusty for Brownlow 16.10min

Brandz 19.20min

Redskins 21.30min

Ytnoms 23.10min


Redskins - 28:30min

Dusty for Brownlow - 35:23min

Brandz - 36:43min

Ytnoms - 40:24min

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