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Templeton Primary School


Welcome to the summit.

We were so excited to meet you all and we were pumped to have your fresh energy on board.

We had some of our best activities planned for you and you conquered them all with great support and bravery.

You conquered the heights of the Giant Swing and the Flying Fox. You discovered the strategy required during the rockwall. You gave your best team week during the Bush Challenge. You embraced the darkness and entered the unknown in the cave and you had ALL the fun possible during inflatables and laser skirmish.

That however was not all we have planned, you of course embarked on our epic monster course …..! The teachers did too and their incredible outfits made them look like SUPER STARS!

Despite the rain and the cold weather, all week you were a joy to be around and you all embraced every challenge we provided. You continued to Play ALL in, Have Fun, Get comfortable being uncomfortable, make LOTS of mistakes and hopefully you aren't home now wondering what if. A big special well done to the seven of you that were chosen by your groups for embracing the 5 keys especially well throughout camp. Great Job to Cameron, Lorraine, Olivia, Charlie, Lorenzo, Russell and Noah.

Your Monster Course REsults:

Tribe 1: 38:42

Tribe 2: 40:02 Tribe 3: 42:00

Tribe 4: 52:04

Tribe 5: 34:46

Tribe 6: 40:04

Tribe 7: 35:00


Thanks for a great week we had all fun, hope you guys did too. Maddi, Steph, Payton, AJ, Tom, Danny and Jordan.

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