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Madness = 3 days. About 30 boys, Payton and Myself.

You guys were keen from the first minute. We knew that you were competitive and keen to play. We quickly met two very important members, your eggs. The kings had the least amount of success in the egg department. Filipay however quickly became more than egg, he represented a legacy, a set of values that would unite the Mandela tribe. The connection was real and this was obvious during Filipays memorial service.

You knew you had come to camp to develop your skills as a leader and maybe learn some things that you could apply to your given sports and passions. You also discovered some challenging moments during some unexpected activities. For some of you it was crossing the Skybridge, others it was the darkness of the Cave and a few of you it was conquering the heights of the Leap of Faith and the Giant Swing. It was through these challenges you learnt the power of your minds, creating a positive mindset and controlling your thoughts to ensure you could get the most out of yourselves, and have fun at the same time.

Throughout camp gradually you all began to find a strengthen your roles in your tribe as you became more yourselves leading to an understanding of how much more powerful a team is when members of the team are contributing and sharing their strengths. This became obvious during the MONSTER COURSE where there was by far the most ENERGY, COMMITMENT, LEADERSHIP, and RESILIANCE. It was cold and wet and hard, but despite all the circumstances and the parts of most of you that thought doing a second lap was impossible, you did it. You more than did it. You gave us every single thing you had, and I know the sense of achievement after the second lap trumped the first, hands down.

It was one of the greatest monster courses that I as a coach have ever been apart of. I couldn't have been prouder of your efforts and more grateful to be a part of the afternoon. Well done guys! Seriously.

I can only hope that anyone of the challenges or conversations from camp has left you learning something about yourself and what you and a team can achieve.

I hope camp provided some insight to assist your journeys as athletes, leaders and team mates.

All the best,

Go kick butt! Mads and Payton.

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