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Chairo Christian School


Oh my, oh my, oh my what a legendary 5 days!

We all achieved so much.

We became the German Wizards, The Key Punchers, Girls4 no wait Savage Fridges and The Hungry tribe.

On Monday we tackled so many team initiatives and then again on thursday and the progress from Monday to Thursday was incredible, and SOOOO cool to see.

We eased you guys into the epicness of The Summit, by starting with the flying fox, inflatables, the Bush Challenge and the Snowy River Challenge. There were many competitive moments in Inflatables, some bravery through the Wombat Hole and incredible team work during the Bush Challenge.

The next day bought even more challenges with the Giant Swing, Skybridge and of course the MONSTER COURSE …... TWICE!

You all were very surprised, and showed incredible resilience as you pushed through the course and all smashed your first time.

We also welcomed Calvin to The Summit, and his story and lessons, completely matched the focus of the week. A big “Thankyou” to him!

Each morning we continued to introduce you to the power of starting it with intention and energy and the positive effects that can have for the duration of our day.

Day 3 and the beginning of day 4 were AWESOME. The energy around the park was electric. The atmosphere in your tribes was incredible. The sense of care and the amount of support bleeding through every activity was so cool to be a part of.

It was particularly cool as we hit Thursday afternoon and Friday morning with the biggest activities planned, Snake and Nails, Abseiling, Highwire and Summit Window. You were all ready to give them your all. You all believed in yourself more. You had more control over how to set yourself up for success and push through the fear, AND you were there to help your tribe mates do the same.

All week everyone of you played. We set you so many challenges and you conquered them all. You were continuously spoken to and encouraged to learn and discover the messages and the greatness in what was happening. Because of that focus and that continual awareness, myself and the team are soo excited for your next chapter and what you are going to do with the seed of potential the week has given


Every coach who played a part in the program is grateful for the time spent. We all finished our week super happy, refreshed and reminded as to why we are doing what we are doing, so thankyou all for that.

Stay groovy and keep growing,

Be nice to each other and keep having all the fun! Mads, Payton, Jordan, Tom, AJ, Matt, Dusty, Renate, Jackie, Steph.

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