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Cobden Technical School

The best part of our job is that we get to see all kinds of kids from all walks of life come to The Summit and just have a whole bunch of fun. This week it was the country kids from Cobden Technical to grace us with their presences.

There were so many memories made from the camp. Some of our favourites were when Will and Hunter made a bet with each other to see how long they could stand on the nail board. Hunter came through with an impressive time that is now the new record of 8 minutes and 49 seconds. Well-done champ make sure will hands over that 5 bucks. He’s a slippery character.

Oh, What about when Macey, Ash and Liv on the abseil, even though they were crapping themselves they still managed to do it. What legends

Noah again, dude this guy crushed it on the Big tower. He was properly scared of Abseiling but with the encouragement of the two tribes and Payton he got the top of the big tower!!!

Daniel had a few highlights firstly, for eating a branch on the monster course. Secondly he struggled with the idea of doing a second lap of monster but after having a chat with AJ he knew he couldn’t let his tribe down.

We also had Missy and Noah overcoming their fears on the giant swing! Despite claiming they couldn’t do the activity they knew that they couldn’t leave the summit wondering ‘what if’ so they mustered the bravery and killed it.

There was also a mind and belief session where two of the legends from Cobden actually got to break a wooden board with their hands!!!


For the Bush Challenge it was the Shark Warriors that came up on top over the Cobden Cows with an impressive lap time of 20:25

The Shark Warriors also won the monster course with an improvement time of 8 minutes and 5 seconds. To the Cobden Cows credit they also improved their time by heaps with an improvement time of 7 minutes and 30 seconds

A massive shout out to these following legends





You guys have really embraced the 5 keys and because of that you were voted by your peers as the best in your tribes. Congrats guys!

Finally thank all of you for coming and hanging out at the summit it’s been so much fun seeing all of you grow.


AJ, Jackie, Payton, Matt and Dusty

P.S. GO CATS!!!!

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