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Benton Junior College

I was an absolute pleasure to have the students, teachers and parent helpers from Benton Junior College for 5 days. This was to be Benton’s First camp at the Summit and everyone was so excited to get the camp started.

Day one had each of the eight tribes come up with a name. We now had Enter Name Here, Dabbing Unicorns, Velcro, For Shizzel My Dizzle, Fantastic Five, Potato Chips, Wolf Gang and Super Stretch Stars for the rest of Camp. We started our initiatives, which we completed by all groups throughout the first four days as well as the start of rotations.

Here are the some of the highlights from the coaches and results from the week.

- Sienna was outstanding on the first day to draw on all her courage to not only brave the Sky Bridge but have the determination to have a re go and smash out the entire bridge. You inspired you tribe then and for the remainder of the camp.

- Mitchell was exceptional on his effort on the Highwire; it was not until he did it that he proved to himself how powerful he really is.

- Ella and Flynn surprised themselves on how far they could push themselves on the Summit Window, the smiles and happy tears were why we as coaches love doing our jobs to Unleash Greatness.

- Chris was determined to complete the Abseil that even thou he missed his opportunity to go when his tribe was there, he came back after his tribe was at snake and nails to have another go and when he did Wow what a brilliant effort. Different person that went down that wall.

There was this one song that happened to come on every now and again Called Worlds Greatest, As the Students if they know it or liked it. Great feelings all round we believe.

Monster was great with all teams improving by more the 1:45. The winners were the Potato Chips who improved by a huge 7:20. Congrats to all the Spuds.

All tribes voted at the end of camp for one member of their tribe who lived by the five keys the most. Those keys again Play All In, Have Fun, Make lots of Mistakes, Get comfortable being Uncomfortable, Don’t go home wondering What if. These winners got a ride in the Summits World war II army Tank. Congratulations to Harry, Jet, Josh, Coen, Ella, Jaime, Sophie and Sienna for your recognition.

Thank you once again to all the students and teachers/parent helpers for such a joyful week. We at the Summit can not wait to see you back at the camp real soon.

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