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Rochester Secondary School

Rochester was a small group with two groups. Those two groups were “The tigers’ and ‘The Boys’. The Year 9 Duke of Ed group brought a lot of confidence and competence with them to camp. They all however had their own unique challenges and brought different things to camp.

Adam: Adam was confident, competent and eager. Although he never managed to win at clap ball, he did win on a lot of the activities, especially the skybridge where myself and Leigh made it particularly challenging for him. He brought a friendly humour and banter to the group.

Jack: It was during the discussion that Jack shared that he hadn't really been very challenged yet. We set him a challenge to see if he could push himself on the skybridge, whatever that would look like. There was definitely success and during the skybridge Jack had some challenges getting back up. The greatest part despite the challenge was Jack's ability to maintain his easy going, happy nature.

Theo: Was quite the quiet achiever. Conquered a lot of the activities with minimal fuss. It was particularly awesome seeing him bring more of himself to the group with each activity.

Jarrod: Good energy, eager spirit. His enthusiasm made him immediately one of the leaders in the group. His presence brought light to many of the problem-solving challenges as well as the group discussions. Very crucial and helpful presence.

Nash: Nash brought a nice presence to be around. Very competent and helpful. Never complained or questioned any of the challenges or what may have seemed tedious tasks that any of the coaches asked of him. A very impressive quality.

Annie: Annie's highlight was the monster course. Nursing a sore ankle and controlling her asthma throughout. She stayed determined and never wanted to let the team down, resulting in incredible efforts throughout the course.

Ella (Mella): Was often one of the girls in her group to go first. She was willing to embrace the challenges and carried herself with a “i can do this’ confidence that is awesome. Something that will continue to lead you to success.

Emma: Nothing really fazed her. She was the perfect follower for her team, making all the challenges run smoothly.

Ella: Never let her fears stop her from conquering all the challenges.

Cassie: Cassie brought an awesome amount of energy and enthusiasm to the group. There were way too many times where she found herself say that she couldn't do something, the greatest part is that she found herself proving herself wrong in every occasion.

Laura: Laura brought a unique confidence to the group and her vocal contribution to the team was very useful and allowed her to become a strong and leading voice in the team. Gave the group some determined direction.

Abbie: Gave everything a crack. Great energy and awesome attitude.

Sharmaine: Despite being obviously scared on many activities she was very brave and happy to embrace the un-comfortability of the activities. Despite being quiet she was also always willing to share her experiences in the discussion afterwards which was awesome.

Zoe: Zoe found multiple activities particularly challenging but didn't make it obvious and maintained a go get it attitude for the entire camp> stayed very focused and determined to conquer the task at hand.

Grant: Lead the team with his super positive and eager energy. Currently now holds the record at the summit for the fastest time across the skybridge with 36 seconds. Proving his awesome attitude and ability to back himself in challenges.

Charlie: Great encouragement and support. Also, happy to go first and help out and brought the group’s energy up when needed. Shared great confidence

Ben: Quite confidently brought his personality to the challenges and a friendly banter. His strength was in being himself positively allowing the other members to do the same.

Zara: Zara was continuously pushing herself and getting outside her comfort zone, but she did with great style and all camp didn't lose her fun, quirky personality.

Shenay: Arrived at camp sick and did a great job to not let it stop her. She didn't want to miss out and never complained about being sick. She played just as hard as everyone else which is an awesome trait to have, just imagine what you can achieve when you're not sick.

Regan: Was very scared during the cave activity, did not let it stop her and was super awesome to see her attitude around getting uncomfortable.

Reece: Not very many moments where I didn't see Reece smiling. Was eager to be at camp and was awesome to see him conquer all the challenges. Never a bad word or complaint. A great teammate all round.

An Extra Well-done to Laura, Annie, Grant and Charlie who were voted as the value winners for your extra efforts and ability to embody the ideas of the summit during Camp.

Thanks for a great week :)

Maddi, Jordan and Liv.

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