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Surf Coast Secondary

The students and teachers from Surf coast S.C arrived at the summit for their first camp at the Summit. After a long bus trip, everyone wanted to get straight into program. The tribes would be known as Absolutely Not, Otter Boxes, Dream Team, A-Team, Pink Socks, Jub Jub and Pisangers.

Giant swing had many (Boys) screaming with excitement as well as many facing the challenge of the height. Cave was an unexpected thrill for a lot of people with the challenge of staying quiet harder then the journey in the dark itself.

High Wire was a great challenge for most. Getting your inner circus performer on was the key and balance with a partner. Jet was so persistent to retry and dominate the High Wire to really Play all In.

Everyone loved Laser, nothing makes teachers happier then to shoot at their students and not get in trouble for it. Great work Seb!!!!

Bush was the first group challenge each tribe would participate in. The fastest time around the course and eventual winners were Jub Jub with a cracking time of 17:12. Well done guys.

Monster was definitely the challenge of the camp. All groups took the course head on, with great enthusiasm. Pisangers were your winners with an improvement of 6:31, closely followed by Absolutely Not with an improvement of 6:15 and taking out third place was Pink Socks with an improvement time of 4:01. Well done to all teams.

At the end of camp each tribe voted for your representative who lived by the five keys the best. This person would be rewarded with a ride in the Summit army tank. Congratulations to the following people on your reward: - Bailey, Maya, Tom, Luke, Gareth, Molly, Angus and Kye. Well deserved winners.

Thank you once again the students and teachers who came to the Summit. We all look forward

to seeing you return to the summit in the near future.

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