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Maffra Secondary College

Maffra arrived at the Summit on a scorching Spring day. It was clear from the get go that they weren't going to let the heat stop them from embracing anything we had to offer.

The first afternoon was a big one. We did 3 activities and an initiative. We gave the groups a taste of camp as they participated in The snowy river challenge, Flying Fox, Tash’s Ladder, Highwire and the Cave. They also had some time to strengthen their identity as a tribe and give themselves a tribe name. They Chose ……. The pineacoladas, Rebels of the Camp, Powerpuff People, Have a Crack and Well Done Max.

Before we knew it Thursday had arrived. Luckily the gang had already had a taste of what camp was like because today was going to be even bigger. Everyone was just holding on for the ride. We had 5 activities in total as we introduced more to the list. We had Leap of Faith, Snake and Nails, Giant Swing, Bush Challenge and Laser Skirmish. After our five activities it may have felt like the day was nearly over however we were saving the most epic challenge for the end of the day …. THE MONSTER COURSE!

The groups brought so much energy to the race and they worked so well in their teams, it was hard to believe that these were the same teams that they started with on Wednesday. After the race we brought everyone back in. It was this moment where I told them that at the Summit we don’t care about how fast they were. We care about how their teams worked together, we care about whether or not they pushed themselves and really Played all in. For this reason I told them they were going to do the course AGAIN. Immediately there were mixed emotions. Most were excited while others thought I was kidding. However, seconds after I had finished talking the rain started pouring. Seriously pouring. From that moment nobody had any other choice but to feel excited.

The final hour is a little bit of a blur. I just remember rain and lots of it. I remember puddles. Excited Maffra students running a muck, and possibly one of the greatest monster courses the summit has ever experienced.

Even when the coaches and Matt and Gary thought they were done, all it took was someone to suggest a round of Ga Ga Ball for us to keep playing. It eventually all came to an end with the Maffra teachers taking both the victories. There were so many of us who could truly say that we had given everything and Played all in and because of that the feeling was AWESOME.

By the third and final day everyone was a little bit tired. There was still an energy around the park though that made it a great place to be. Individually everyone was bring more confidence and belief in themselves to their activities and as a group there was more support and compassion for their tribe mates. We ended camp with lunch, tunes, good vibes and a show from the army tank. Well Done to Max, Makeely, Maddi, Vic, Jas and Lucas for your week at Camp and for being chosen by your tribes for your efforts to live by the 5 keys.

Thanks for a truly great camp Experience. Mads, Dan, Kyle, Liv, Jordan, Payton, Steph, Jackie, Tom, Matt.

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