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Warracknabeal Secondary College


On Monday the 23rd Oct, the much anticipated arrival of Warracknabeal “Advance” class and Mr Shannon and Miss Munroe arrived at the Summit for another 5 day camp of Unleashing greatness.

Timmay had been waiting all year for this and went MIA for a few days with sickness which left Tom at the reins to steady the ship. Tiles as one of the first initiatives was extremely hard and failed big time but was hilarious to see the group having so much fun from the very first day. Sarah started her really bad jokes on the first nights dinner.

Bush challenge was amazing as everyone smashed through the course so fast, up walls, through foam pits that there was enough time to do Snowy River in the same time. The group dynamics was sensational. Sky Bridge was the first of the challenges that had some really challenged. Abin was brilliant in his efforts across the bridge. Angel was so comfortable to fly across the Flying fox that she forgot her helmet but Tom and Dusty clipped her wings and made her get one.

Wednesday brought the arrival of Timmay and the shoe game back from the dead. Freckle, Caitlin had the never give up attitude on the Rockwall. On Giant swing nothing but green for this amazing team. Rockets Nest is the highest activity at the Summit and you know who did it, yep this team of legends. This normally happens on day five of camp not three. Crazy!!!

Goldy, Lachie, and Tyson lead the way for doing things more challenging, they did the Highwire blindfolded. Leap of faith saw Chelsea (muffin, Kelsey, Case) whatever she was called on the day have a second go. She was so excited to reach and complete the entire thing.

Monster was definitely an all in affair with everyone giving it their all. Great time of 28:19 with a well-deserved slide on the water slide to follow. Tom beat Brooke/Bronx in super mega destructive ninja.

Values winners were given the opportunity to do the Giant Swing in the Superman position. These winners were Abin, Max (Griz), Chelsea and Sarah. Well done to the values winners for you amazing camp.

Once again, the Summit had an excellent week with the students and teachers from Warracknabeal. Tim and Tom laughed so much throughout the whole camp. Take care and see you soon. P.S Sarah you owes us a real cake not just a pict

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