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Diamond Valley

On Wednesday the 15th November, students and teachers from Diamond Valley SDS came to the Summit for a great three day camp.

Timmay met the group at the buses and headed off to lunch. After lunch it was straight into our initiative, which was Go Go Stop, which everyone did a great job getting to Timmay bag.

Everyone had so much fun playing and going through the inflatable activity. The question that most wanted to know was when can they go on the flying fox and giant swing. Timmay had to let Josh and Lachie know that fox was on Thursday and giant swing on the Friday as they were super excited and needed to know.

Thursday morning was all about Laser Skirmish and Flying Fox. It was so much fun shooting the teachers and Taylor was superb with all his shooting. Everyone was brave on the flying fox soaring through the sky like a bird and over the lake. After lunch Snake and Nails was the activity. Every teacher and students attempted the nails and touched, held and supported the snake, Mitch.

Friday was Giant Swing day. Everyone was super brave going up to the yellow. Some of the teachers even made it up to the green pole.

It was a pleasure to have the students and teachers from Diamond Valley SDS at the Summit. We look forward to having you back again next year.


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