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Brunswick Secondary

The year eights from Brunswick S.C and their teacher made their way to the Summit for the first camp at the Summit on Wednesday 8th to 10th of November. The students were super eager to get out amongst the activities and make the most of their camp experience.

The tribes would transform from tribe 1, 2, 3, etc to Wahaji, Bomb squad, Crickies, Let (Lit), Frankfurt and tribe Sanza. We all loved the names and made it fun to try pronouncing some of them sometimes.

Cave had many pairing up to go through with a support person as the fear of the dark would over come some. Others were stoked to just sit in the dark staying quiet or getting in a few sneaky scares as their friends came through. High was a medium sized challenge but seemed to be the biggest mental challenge for most students. Giant Swing was a highlight for nearly every person as it really had most pushing themselves into that comfortable being uncomfortable zone.

Results from the group challenge was well spread out as Bush Challenge saw Bomb Squad go the fastest through the course in a very impressive 24:19 followed by Crickies with 27:22 and third being taken out from Let with 29:31.

Monster was a reminded that is in not necessary the fastest but the tribe that leant from their mistakes and bonded the best together and dug deep to really improve. The monster was taken out by Wahaji who improved their time by an inspiring 11:49 followed by Let with 7:50 improvement and third Bomb Squad with 6:55 improvement.

Individual honours go to the value winners who represented the five keys throughout the camp the most and received an awesome ride in the Summit WWII army tank. Congratulations to Kareem, Lexi/Lilly, Alex, Putu, Abdi and Dan. Well done guys. Once again thank you to everyone who came to the Summit from Brunswick S.C. We look forward to seeing you again in the near future.

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