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Spensly St Primary school

WHAT an EPIC 5 days.

We did sooooo much.

Having the 5 Keys to focus on made it that much easier for us to make camp all that it deserved to be.

We started with an initiative activity and we quickly became more than groups 1,2,3 and 4. You guys strengthened your identity as tribes and gave your teams a title. You guys decided on the Gucci Tribe, The Hot Chips, The Triple P’s and the Triple T’s.

Once we were officially now a team we conquered some activities. We had The Rock Wall, Bush Challenge, Flying Fox and Laser Skirmish up first.

All so much fun. The Bush Challenge was a timed activity and you all managed to strengthen your teamwork throughout. Your times were:

Gucci: 22:15

PPP: 24:45

Hot Chips: 19:34

TTT: 22:15

After we had all smashed these activities we had some new ones Giant Swing, Orienteering Highwire and Snake Nails. We moved up in heights a little bit and we got to meet Mitch. A lot of you were very challenged but all managed to use Target, Stretch, Super Stretch to conquer those fears.

We thought Day two was big but after Day three we realised it was nothing compared to what we could experience in a day. Day three introduced more activities but most importantly it was the day we embraced the ultimate monster course. WOOOOOO. HUGE efforts all round.

By day four we had experienced so many activities, that they were becoming surprisingly easier. We were bring more encouragement and more self belief to every activity we did making the activities Summit Window, the Snowy River challenge and the Sky bridge.

Day five came before we knew it and we were all sad to have camp end, However we knew that the experienced would definitely be remembered.

Thanks heaps for coming and hanging out with us, we had loads of fun.

Maddi and the team.

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