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Elizabeth St Primary School

The grade three students from Elizabeth Street Primary school and teachers came to the Summit for an overnight camp.

Everyone was super excited to into the camp activities. First activity was laser, with every person loving being able to shoot each other and their teachers.

Flying fox was so cool according to Chris and was as close to flying like a bird through trees as he will get. Snake and Nails had the group split with half excited and the other half wanting to get out of the room, all stayed and really found it interesting to touch/hold “Mitch” and walk across the bed of nails.

Giant swing was the highlight of camp, soaring through the air at great speed with an exhilarating drop with Lots of screams but lots of laughs. Monster was dry as most did not have a spare pair of shoes but that was ok because everyone wanted to cool down in the lake with the waterslide.

Cave was something totally different to a lot of people. Having to be quiet was a challenge in itself but it was a great experience for everyone. Bush had everyone working together to take on obstacle before moving onto the next one. The puzzle seemed to have everyone frustrated as they could not find the last hidden puzzle pieces. Rockwall was the last activity of camp. There was a choice of 4 walls each with different elements to tackle.

Thank you to everyone who came to the Summit from Elizabeth Street Primary. It was a great having you here and we look forward to seeing you back at the Summit in the near future.

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