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Kerang Christian School

Kerang is not that close to Gippsland so when you guys arrived it meant that we had to make the most of our afternoon. We got to know each other, set the tone for what we wanted camp to be like as a team, played some laser skirmish and discovered that we would now be referred to as K-TOWN.

On Tuesday we had a big day planned. We all smashed the Giant Swing and the Highwire and all gad fun doing Inflatables. After lunch it was time to put our team work to the test. We conquered the Snowy River Challenge. You guys smashed it and did it in 8:06 on your first attempt, and your second attempt it took you 5:22. Was a Super awesome improvement, and great efforts all round. Just when you thought we were all done and dusted, i introduced you to the wombat hole. Despite some of us being a little scared, we managed to push past our fears and resulted in a lot of us wanting to do it again.

The Snowy River Challenge was a warm up for the ultimate team activity that we had planned next …. THE MONSTER COURSE. The Monster Course was epic and i was so proud of you guys. When i mentioned that we would be doing it again, there were mixed emotions from the group, a few of you were excited and a few of you thought i was kidding and a few of you though it wasn't possible. However before we knew it we had ALL completed the second lap and improved our time by a WHOPPING 7 minutes. We were feeling so pumped and we truly felt like we had given everything and played all in. As a little reward we opened up the water slide and we ended a big day with even bigger smiles and a refreshing plunge into the lake.

Wednesday was our last day and we were ready to attack it with more confidence and support for each other, and for that reason the Cave and the Summit Window were both awesome experiences and a great way to wrap up camp.

After lunch and a final chat it was time to go home. Was a pleasure to have you guys at the Summit, and I hope you continue to work well together at school and bring all the good vibes and the bravery to Kerang with you.

Stay Legendary,


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