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Maranatha Christian School

Energy and excitement was at an all time high the three days we had Maranatha Christian School at the Summit. After we settled in and had some lunch it was straight into a game of 50 up where we could practice our first two keys for the camp. These were Have Fun and Play All In.

We were now ready to move into our four tribes and start our initiative. All the tribes got off to a great start working as a team during their initiative and after it was time to create our awesome tribe names for the week. These were; All i do is Win (1), Sassy Pickles (2), Anonymous (3) and Savage Potatoes (4). Now we were ready to jump into our first rotation, the activities we were doing were Giant Swing, Sky Bridge, Inflatables and Orienteering.

The coaches saw every tribe having loads of fun at Orienteering and Inflatables, even though it was hot it didn’t stop the tribes from running around and having all the fun. At Sky Bridge and the Giant Swing the coaches saw a great amount of persistence and bravery as students pushed themselves to go higher and further on the activities. Some shout outs to Matt (1) on Giant Swing facing his fear of heights and to Cara and Zion on the Sky Bridge who even though fell a few times never gave up and made it the whole way. After a great first day we were excited to see what these students would do next.

Day two and what a big one it was going to be! Today we were focusing on Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and Making Lots of Mistakes. We started off finishing our last two activities and then we jumped straight into our Monster Course!! Everyone was super excited and eager to see what the course was going to be like. The coaches were amazed at the amount of team work and support you all showed to one another. We even had some tribe members do some of the obstacles twice to help other members complete the lap and this was AMAZING to see. As each tribe came to the finish line we all cheered them on and created a guard of honour for them to run through. After monster, what better way to celebrate then to have a go at the water slide! Everyone loved the waterslide and had a great time cooling off in the heat; but the day wasn’t over there!

After lunch we started our next set of activities; these were, Tash's Ladder, Summit Window, Snowy River Challenge and Scavenger Hunt. Again the coaches saw everyone really working as a tribe to help and support each other through the activities. We finished the day off with extra rotations of Flying Fox and Laser Skirmish, THE ACTION NEVER STOPPED!!

Day three and our final day of camp. Today our focus was too not "Go Home Wondering What If" and we saw loads of students really push themselves outside their comfort zone to achieve this focus. Some special mentions to Sam, Rachel and Arielle on smashing their super stretch at Tash’s Ladder and going beyond what they thought they were cable of achieving! Also to Josh on Summit Window, who at first didn’t want to try, but in the end really pushed himself and ended enjoying it.

At the end of our last activity we asked each tribe to nominate one person who has really embraced the camp experience, these people were; Matt (1), Cara (2), Arielle (3), Johan (4). These lucky people got to have a hot lap in our awesome army tank!

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