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5 Keys Outside Of Camp

As a teacher, parent or student who attended The Summit Camp in 2017, you would have heard about the 5 Keys of Success. We introduce this "Success Model" right from arrival to help students get the most from camp. These 5 keys do not have to be left at camp, in-fact we encourage teachers and parents to integrate these ideas into your classroom and homes.


At camp we promote a safe environment where mistakes can be made and taking risks is encouraged. We know that when failure and struggle are accompanied with a supportive environment there is a great opportunity for a student to develop an ability to persist and show resilience.

Encouraging this same environment at school will allow students to bring a light hearted attitude towards their weakness’. It will alleviate some of the fear and anxiety that the pressure of school and performing can bring. it will also strengthen your students confidence and increase the likelihood of them participating in extracurricular activities and events.


During adolescence a student is at an age where they are battling with the confusion of who they are. To bring their true selves to any moment and to bring everything they’ve got couldn’t be more important. Continuously being reminded to Play All In encourages the development of incredibly positive habits. Learning to work hard, to be themselves and to commit fully can only benefit both them and the classroom environment. Furthermore, this proves that they give it their best shot and didn’t leave anything behind. This can be associated with certain tasks in the classroom as then hopefully it will bleed into everything they do.


The importance of fun sounds so obvious and yet the power of it is so underappreciated. The more understanding we develop in a student that any situation can be fun if they make that choice, the more moments at school they will enjoy. Fun is an energy that can be stimulated in any student with a bit of awareness and by Implementing certain strategies to liven up seemingly ‘boring’ school activities you can strengthen the engagement and cooperation of all students. This can be done i na number of ways, easiest way is to relate subject matter to something the student is interested in. More fun simply means a student is more likely to want to return to your classroom and more likely to want to be engaged with school.


Imagine a classroom full of students who knew the importance of making the most of their time in your class, or in that year or even their entire time at the school. Students that are aware of how they wanted to be remembered and the contribution they wanted to make. These students would be more inclined to set goals and strive to do and be more to meet the legacy they intend to set. By encouraging them to embrace the current opportunities while at the same time reminding the possibility for regret their is potential to develop more students with these same aspirations.


To get out of your comfort zone and grow is becoming a widely expressed concept.When continuing to encourage this behaviour in the classroom their becomes more awareness of common examples of uncomfortable situations that students are facing. The discomfort found in giving a presentation, or signing up for certain opportunities or even talking to certain peers or teachers once recognised can be supported. Once supported it can lead to more success, more fulfilment and more joy for that student, both in and out of the classroom.

To have a student who can fail with pride, give everything they have in every moment, bring fun to any situation and who can embrace their fears and the challenges of the unknown is incredibly powerful. It is powerful not only in the classroom and the school environment but more importantly for their future. To have multiple students on this journey is beyond powerful. That's why we teach this principle at camp and it is why we need you to continue the journey at school.

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