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Monterey Secondary College

Thank you to Monterey Secondary College for coming out to the Summit for a great camp. The fun started with a game of 50 up, although we didn’t reach the 50 mark there was fun and laughter all round.

At this point it was time to break off into our tribes for the week and do a team initiative to get to know each other better. We also had the time now to create our awesome tribe names for the camp, these were; HTC, Cream of the Crop and Cringey crew, now we were ready to got into some activities.

Our first three activities were Laser, Sky Bridge and Flying Fox. We saw plenty of students go outside their comfort zone on the bridge. Mathew and Rhi showed great persistence on the bridge and went further then they thought they could. Everyone was having a good time giving flying fox a go and loved running around doing commando rolls at the laser skirmish.

Day two and it was going to be a big one! Starting our new rotation of activities, plus the monster course everyone was feeling ready to go. Our new activities were Snowy River Challenge, Giant Swing and Inflatables. The tribes really came together helping and supporting one another through the snowy river challenge, achieving some great times. Things got a little competitive at inflatables with each team trying to race against the other in adrenaline rush. On Giant swing we continued to see students push themselves out side their comfort zone going higher and higher on the swing. After lunch it was time for the massive Monster Course. Everyone was amazing throughout the course and when it came time for the second lap, the energy and excitement was even higher!!

Day three, as camp was coming to a close with only two activities left, we asked the students to continue to push themselves outside their comfort zone and to not go home wondering what if. The activities were Leap of Faith, Cave and Highwire. At the cave we saw the students battle another kind of fear, being the dark. All students did their best to navigate themselves through the darkness. At Highwire and Leap again we saw students conquer their fear of heights. Special mentions to Tabartha and Matt for completing the leap of faith even when they were scared. We also had some students who were lucky enough to do the Leap faith again, these students got the chance to better themselves and push a little further. Special mention also to blake who caught the bar one handed at Leap.

As we wrapped up camp after lunch we reflected back on the last three days and asked each tribe to nominate someone from their tribe who has really embraced camp and given 110%. These people were Emily, Josh, Liam and Tabatha. Well done to these people on being recognised for their amazing efforts. They were also rewarded with a hot lap in our amazing WWII Army Tank!!!!! As we said our goodbyes it was time to head back on the buses and head home.


Snowy River

HTC - 20.33min

Cream of the Crop - 11.05min

Cringe Crew - 39.15min

Monster Improvement times

HTC - 8.56min

Cringe Crew - 4.52min

Cream of the Crop - 2.56min

Thank you again to Monterey for an awesome three days. Hope to see you again in the future.

- Liv, Tom & Payton.

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