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Geelong Lutheran College

We had the pleasure of having Geelong Lutheran College come to The Summit for a 3 day camp. We started off with some group initiatives to get to know our new tribes and create an awesome tribe name. We no longer had group One, Two and Three, instead we had Team Ten, Black and White and Esketit. We had a big day ahead of us so we jumped straight into our first three activities. These were Giant Swing, Flying Fox and Laser Skirmish. Everyone was having a blast at laser and we had some students facing fears on Giant Swing and Fly Fox. Well done on everyone giving it a go.

Day two and what a hot one it was going to be! We started off with a massive session of Summit Window and Abseil! The energy was great at the tower and we saw some students really step out side their comfort zones. Some special mentions to Jed, Sienna and Ollie for coming the top to have a look; Cait and Tully did amazing on abseil even though they were terrified, and Jai who after hesitating gave summit window a go and ended up completing the whole activity. Well done guys!! After a short break it was time for the Monster Course. Everyone was feeling good and ready to run. It was great to see all the tribe members working together to help each other through the obstacles. Harry, Ben and Xavier all showed great amount of support towards their tribe members who needed that extra bit of help. After everyone had crossed the finish line, we gathered together to discuss how we all went. You all were very surprised when we told you we were going for a second lap!! Some of you were very keen, whereas others doubted whether they could run the course again. To say it was hot was an understatement, but you all pushed through the heat and all tribes worked together to try and better themselves and their time! Im very proud to say that all tribes improved from the first lap to the second! Great effort by all!

After, we treated you all to a swim and Waterslide before lunch. Everyone enjoyed cooling off in the heat and having some fun. The day didn't end there though, after lunch we had two more activities to do!! The new rotation of activities were Leap of faith, Cave and Sky Bridge. Again us coaches saw a great amount of persistence. Mentions go out to Menzal, Cait and Evette on the bridge! And Jed again for facing his fear on the Leap of Faith.

The last day of camp started and ended with rain, but that didn't stop us from having all the fun! We switched some activities and while esketit went to the cave, Black and White and Team Ten had heaps of fun running around inflatables and hanging out with Monty at Snake and Nails. After we gathered together to wrap up camp we found out she results and celebrated a few people from each tribe. These people really embraced camp and gave every activity a go, and they were now known as the values winners and they got to have a hot lap in our very own WWII army tank!!! After we said our goodbyes it was on the bus to head home!

Thank you so much to Geelong for braving both the heat and rain to come and have a great few days with us! Hope to see you again

- Liv, Jordan, Bill & Dan

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