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Daylesford Secondary Yr 9 & Yr 10


It was a crazy long drive from Daylesford to the Summit on Wednesday for the student and teachers of year nine. After arriving at the summit, it was straight into programs with two activities and coming up with a tribe name. The tribes would now be known as Mario Kart, Phat Dubs and Green Water and the activities were Summit Window, High Wire and Snowy River.

Thursday was all about surviving the heat and completing the three activities and Monster Course. Leap was sensational with nearly everyone completing the jump and taking the leap of Faith. Cave was a great challenge for those who were afraid of the dark and tight spaces. The last activity was Snake and Nails, the snake was real and the nails were real too as everyone found out and believed walking across. Monster course times were all great with green water improving their time by 2:48, second was Mario Kart 3:47 and winning with a huge improvement was Phat Dubs with 6:37.

Friday was crazy cold and server rain which meant everyone had to leave early from camp. We all thank you for your patience and understanding of everything. Thank you once again to all student and staff who came to the Summit from Daylesford Secondary College. We look forward to have you back at the summit soon.


Eccentric is the word that we would use to describe the crew at Daylesford Secondary College. Especially the Year 8’s and 10’s who came this week to camp. I have worked here for 3 and a half years and I can honestly say this has been the craziest camp I’ve ever had the pleasure of leading.

The crew rocked up 2 hours late on Wednesday due to unforeseen traffic problems in traffic so the guys were rearing to go. Especially Joker! Man that guy is nuts.

It didn’t matter what the weather was doing whether it was blistering hot or torrential rain the guys always were present in the activity and always bringing the Daylesford charm everywhere you went.

Tom, Jackie and myself had such an epic week with you guys and here are some of our favourite highlights:

* Kelly. She was just an awesome leader in the snowy river challenge.

*Joker who quite literally piggybacked a team member on the monster course. It must’ve helped because his tribe ended up winning it all.

*Clayton on highwire who super stretched himself. Great work mate

*Starchy on the Giant Swing. She was obviously so scared of the swing but managed to still do. Yes she did it whilst screaming her lungs out but she still did it and that shows great character.

*Kelly on Leap of faith, she pushed herself much further than she thought she could do.

*Sandie yelling on highwire like a mad woman.

In terms of results, The Fresh Pigs won both the Monster Course (-6:50) and the Snowy River Challenge (12:41).

Starchy Berries came 3rd in the monster course (-3:48) and the Snowy River challenge (23:25)

Yawura Yawura or as Tom liked to call them Yabba Dabba Do came second in bot the Monster course (-5:17) and the Snowy River Challenge (20:45)

Lastly I just want to personally thank all you guys for making my last camp a memorable one. There are going to be so many memories from this camp and will stick in my head long after I leave. You guys are legends and keep smashing it.


AJ, Tom and Jackie

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