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Greensborough College

We were so stoked to have Greensborough here for their leadership camp. We knew as soon as they walked into the lodge that we were in for a great couple of days. With no time to waste we went straight into our initiatives. The A team had a lot of fun at treasure as they tried and tried again to rescue the treasure box across the lava. KP Germans had a great time at tiles and even named their group after the German himself, Tom. With group names now created it was time to get out and do some awesome activities. Giant swing was a breeze with every pair going to top and amazing ground work pulling the rope. On the Sky Bridge we had some trips and falls but no one gave up., special mentions go to Erin and Vivian who never gave up. After a quick break we went straight into our last activities for the day, Snowy River Challenge and Highwire. The team work and support at Snowy was great, Emily and Lauren showed us their awesome cheer leading moves as they boosted everyone up and over the wall.

Again Erin showed us persistence beats resistance after she fall at the Snowy River Swing, but was so determined to get there. AND SHE DID, you go girl. Over at high wire people were definitely stepping outside their comforts zone which was amazing to witness. With day one coming to a close we were eager to see what the next day would bring.

After finishing off out last rotation of Highwire and Snowy River Challenge and having everyone one including teachers going through the wombat hole we were excited and ready for the next activities. These were Cave and Leap of Faith. Although there was some fear around these activities everyone smashed through and completed them! Some special mentions to Katie who pushed through her fear both on Cave and Leap, incredible work. We also saw some students smash out the Leap, going upside down and doing so crazy good things.

As we wrapped up camp we acknowledge some of the people who have really given everything a go while being at camp. These people were Jess, Katie, Erin and Amy. These awesome girls got to have a hot lap in our WWII army tank! Well done girls you deserved it.

Thank you again to all you legends at Greens borough, we had a great time hanging out and having fun with you!

- Liv & Tom

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