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Wheelers Hill Secondary

What a great time we had at The Summit with Wheelers Hill leadership group. With a range of leaders from all year levels we were excited to see what you were all capable of. After we settled in and Liv told some amazing jokes we jumped straight into our activities. These activities were Summit Window, Snowy River Challenge, Highwire, Inflatables and our legendary Monster Course at the end of the day. We had four awesome groups which were now named Its a Secret (1), Warriors (2), Savages (3) and Fantastic Four (4). Throughout all the activities the coaches saw an amazing amount of support and teamwork. At Inflatables everyone enjoyed having a game of Fooseball and racing each other through the Adrenaline Rush. At Snowy the encouragement was at an all time high as you all got each tribe member through each obstacle and no one had any problems getting down in the mud through the wombat hole. At High Wire and Summit Window we had student after student pushing themselves out side their comfort zones and challenging themselves beyond the limits they thought they were capable of, and of course everyone did an amazing job tackling the monster course! Congratulations to all teams who bettered themselves and IMPROVED their times from the first lap!

As camp was wrapping up on the friday we asked each tribe to recognise one tribe member who has embraced all that camp had to offer. These people were Adam, Jarrod, Tash and Ben. These legends were rewarded for their efforts by having a hot lap in our very own army tank!!

Snowy River Times

Warriors - 18.20min

Its a Secret - 20.16min

Savages -31.10min

Monster Course Lap Difference

Fantastic Four - 4.34min

Warriors - 4.15min

Its a Secret - 3.15min

Savage - 3.05min

Thank you again and well done to Wheelers Hill for coming and giving all you had to the activities. Keep telling jokes and see the good vibes flowing. Hope to see you all back again

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