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Flinders Christian College

What a great start to the 2018 school camp calendar as The Summit welcomed the year 11 students and teachers from Flinders C.C. The energy was a little flat when they arrived as it was the first day back after 2 months of holidays. This all changed as soon as there were a few games and initiatives.

Each tribe came up with brilliant tribe names like Made in Germany, Barmy Army, Giants, Daniel and the Donuts and High five.

Here are some individual and team high lights from The Summit coaches. Talia hitting her super stretch in Snake and Nails, upset to touch the snake at the start but getting to a point to hold it over the shoulder by the end. Phillip just smashing out everything he put his mind to Bush Challenge, Monster (both laps). Ryan was amazing on Tashes Ladder with his out stretched arms. Jared’s quick thinking in Bush saved his tribe so much time when it came to the puzzle pieces. Jessie’s insane leadership during Monster, continuously encourage the entire time. Seans got the reward of playing all in at Leap of Faith, after telling himself he was going to step off he leapt for the bar and did the whole thing and was so proud of himself for it.

Group results went as follows: - Snowy River Challenge went to Barmy Army with a time of 14:31, followed by Giants with 14:53 and third to High Five with 22:36. Bush Challenge went to Barmy Army again with an excellent time of17:51, followed by high five with 19:07 and third going to Daniel and the Donuts with 23:03. Monster was all about the Giants with an improvement of 5:30, followed by Barmy Army with 4:52 and third going to Daniel and the Donuts. Individual value vote winners were Phillip, Ruby, Sean, Cameron, Chloe, Daniel and Molly. Hope you enjoyed your hot laps.

Thank you once again to all the students and teachers from Flinders C.C. We at the Summit look forward to seeing you return in the not so distant future.

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