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Brunswick Secondary College - Student Executive

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon when the year 10-12 students of Brunswick secondary collage came through The Summit gates, leading the clan was none other than Caroline and Alison.

When they all rocked up we started their experience with a big Summit welcome and wasted no time in getting straight into our first initiatives (tiles and half pipe) both tribes completed these tasks with persistence and determination. After the initiatives were complete, it was time for the first activity rotation, the Sky Bridge and the Snowy River Challenge. There was a few nerves in the air, however both tribes stayed positive and supported everyone through the struggles.

Here are a few shout outs to highlight the day; Diya and Ella on the Sky Bridge for tackling their fear head on and were willing to push themselves out of their comfort zones. Eric for his out the box thinking when it came to the swing at snowy river challenge as well as Antonio for his ability to be selfless by helping his whole team through the Giant Swing. To end the day, we embarked on our epic Monster Course. The level of intensity was huge and time was ticking, the two groups were combined into one and everyone kept their composure and stayed linked whilst carrying 9 tires! The Team finished strong with a time of 1 hour and 14 minutes, and ended the day buzzing.

Day 2, the final day, tribe 1 (team Trevor) and tribe 2 (bluebees) were ready for the day. We started the day with morning intensions, followed by Laser Skirmish, Key Punch. During Key Punch, team Trevor took the cake with the fast time of 10.58 seconds, followed very closely by bluebees who got 11.21.

Last two activities were the Summit Window and Abseil, by this stage both tribes pulled together and got through these activities. Although some were fearful they didn’t want to go home wondering what if!

On behalf of The Summit we want to thankyou guys for playing all in and having all the fun!

All the best

Steph, Renate and Jacqueline

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