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Mt. Eliza Secondary

The 2018 school year has just started and we had the pleasure of bringing it in with the Mt Eliza Year sevens!

We were so excited to help you guys get to know each other and start the year off with an epic camp experience!

We had some of our best activities lined up for you to tackle! Before we could begin any of that however; you had to create a tribe name! You definitely came up with some good ones!

They were: Spice girls, Silly Sausages, Bangers and Mash, The Ultimate 12, BROOKLYN 77, DJ SNAKERS, The Summit Conquerers and the Killer Tutus.

Once you were all officially united you could have all the fun in Inflatables, Laser Skirmish and Flying Fox. Eventually you were ready to tackle the heights of the Abseil Wall, Leap of Faith and Tash’s Ladder, and not only that but you conquered the cave and the Snake and Nails session too!

And if the activities weren’t enough to challenge you we also had an EPIC monster course to complete. The teamwork you all showed was AWESOME and their was so much great support and guidance that needs to stick around as you guys continue to tackle school together!

Wednesday came around before we knew it and it was time to say goodbye! We couldn’t leave though before we recognised some key members of our crew that were particular exceptional throughout Camp and who really embraced the 5 keys! Well Done to: Flynn, Sean, Max, Emily, Sarah, Tyler, Toby, Eva and Olivia!

Thanks so much for hanging out with us!

Stay Legendary!

Maddi, Payton, Kyle, Timmy, Jordan, Jordie, Trinette and Dan!



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