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Mordialloc Secondary

It has been a pleasure to have the students and teachers from Mordialloc College Yr 7's at The Summit from the 7th- 9th February. The students were super excited to get out and attack the activities The Summit had to offer. Each team came up with the new tribe names. Shrimpies, Hot Chips, GBT, Fantastic 4, High tyres, Risky Roos, Made in Heaven, Great eight, Wolf Bread, Sweaty, Bunawrong, and Marshmellows were born.

With so many students and teachers there had to be some serious games being played and a whole group ‘Worlds greatest’ which brought everyone including the owner, General Manager and Admin to sing and join in.

Group result from tribe challengers were as follows:-

-Snowy River Challenge: third went to Risky Roos with a time of 30:31, second place went to High Tyres in 30:19 and first went to Shrimpies in an impressive 22:14.

-Bush challenge: - third was done in 28:35 by High Tyres, second place was done in 23:31 by Wolf Bread and first place was done in 22:23 by Fantastic four.

Monster Course results were as follows: - third place had an improvement time of 9:25 by High Tyres, second place had an improvement of 9:50 were Fantastic four and the winners with an impressive improvement of 10:20 who was Hot chips. Great effort.

Individual winners got a ride in The Summit army tank. Congratulations to Riley, Dylan, Izakelly, Eva, Charlotte, Dion, Zoe, Owen, Kamel, Jye, Kayley and Cassie. You were all deserving winners.

Thank you once again to everyone at Mordialloc College for coming and playing so hard at the Summit. Get out into the world and "Unleash your Greatness".

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