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Preshil - The Margaret Lyttle Memorial School

It has been a pleasure once again the have the students and teachers from Preshil College at The Summit for their year 11/12 camp. There were some familiar faces from both teachers and students with the same enthusiasm.

After the initiative tribes were picked and names needed to be made so the tribes for the camp were as follows: - The Best Group, Power Puff People, Peripheral Nervous System and Heard That One Before.

Highlights from camp were Maddie (the Best Group) getting to the top of Tashes Ladder even though she was scared. Thomas (Power Puff People) super stretch was to get to the top of the tower, but pushed himself beyond that to go a few steps up the ladder. Ruby was remarkably brave to go through the Wombat Hole as she said herself she never thought to could have done it before coming to the camp. Power puff People were amazing as a team on the Snowy River challenge with everyone helping s willingly on the wall. Matt was exceptional in the monster Course, when he was struggling he refused to leave his team and soldiered on. Anika confronted her snake fear with holding Mitch The Summit pet python.

Some of the tribe challenge results were as follows: - Snowy: tribe 1 = 17.51 followed by tribe 4 = 18.50. Monster was taken out by tribe 4 = 7.50 improvement time followed by tribe 3 = 6.55 improvement time.

Thank you again to everyone who came to the Summit camp from Preshil College. We look forward to seeing you back at the summit next year.

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