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Mount View Primary School

What a better way to start grade six, your final year of primary school then to head to The Summit! WOOOO, we were sooo excited for all of you to arrive!

Day One:

The first day we were all there to HAVE FUN and get to know what camp was all about.

We wanted you guys to know that we like to play so we played a lot of games, and then we put your strategy and team work to the test as you tackled some initiatives in the afternoon! You also gave your tribes an epic team and although you were still tribes 1 - 10 you were also .. THE 16 SURVIVORS, APOLLO 15, TGTBN, HI-5, VIPERS, LEGENDARY TACOS, RECORD BREAKERS, SSS, FAST AND FOURIOUS, ED POOP, WILDCATS,

You were all very excited to get settled into your tents and cabins which you finally got to do at the end of the day!

Day Two:

You were even more ready to start camp and it showed as you were all modelling your new and beautiful tribe bandanas! The group became a sea of colours and you brought a lot of purpose and passion to your tribe! We worked our way through some more initiatives together. I was super pumped after running pulleys because I saw the first primary school tribe group EVER to complete the challenge! THATS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT! After the initiatives we started our ACTIVITIES and you were all either excited, nervous or both to harness up and PLAY ALL IN.

It was well and truly after dinner and you all thought you wouldn’t see another coach until the next day ….. BUT a few sneaky coaches crashed the disco you were having, it was hard to recognise us however for we were dressed up in costumes! We had all the fun dancing and running a much with you all, thank you for letting us crash!

Day Three:


The activities that we were tackling were the:

  • Snake and Nails

  • Giant Swing

  • Laser Skirmish

  • Leap of Faith

  • Snowy River Challenge

  • Rock Wall

  • Cave

  • Flying Fox

  • Summit Window

  • High Wire

Each activity was testing us all differently, we all had a unique amount of comfortability around heights, the dark, small spaces, snakes, nails, climbing and everything else! The diversity of challenge was awesome because it meant that there were so many opportunities for us to GET COMFORTABLE BEING UNCOMFORTABLE!

We also started dancing together and reminding ourselves that we were in fact THE WORLDS GREATEST!

It was also about now that you were all curious why some of the teachers and coaches had pegs on their bodies! I guess we will never know why! HAHA!

Day Four:

We spent the morning with more activities and we spent the afternoon participating in the EGG OLYMPICS and THE MONSTER COURSE and THE WATER SLIDE!

It was such a great day. It was incredible to see the confidence you were bring to each activity and the team work you were demonstrating within each tribe. We had created an awesome environment and camp was a very special place to be. Because we had let ourselves MAKE LOTS OF MISTAKES and learn from them, we were all strutting our stuff and having all the fun being our best selves!

Day Five:

Our last day together and although many of us were a bit sleepy and were looking forward to seeing our families we didn’t want to GO HOME WONDERING WHAT IF, so we played hard all the way to the end where we finished off our activities!

At the end of camp we shared some of the things we had learnt and some of our highlights. It was awesome to hear how many of you had conquered some of your fears and was incredible to see the growth in your tribes over the course off camp! You also thought about a tribe member that deserved to be recognised for their ability to live by the summit keys. Well-done to: Shreyan, Janah, Nakita, Krishna, Christian, Zoe Matilda, Atharv, Hanna, Caleb, Bella.

Their amazing camp efforts scored them a ride in the army tank as it CRUSHED A CAR! An awesome metaphor for your camp experience! Shortly after you saw the car get crushed, you drove away from the Summit knowing that you had just CRUSHED camp!

Thank you all so much for an awesome week! Keep being your best selves!

Mads, Liv, Timmy, Katie, Jords, Greg (Jordie), Kyle, Tom, Ash, Jac, Matt, Gines, Dan, Paris,

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