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Kurunjang Secondary

On Monday the 26th Feb, the students and teachers from Kurunjang S.C came to camp to build relationship, resilience and perseverance through the three days spent at The Summit.

After the initial introductions it was straight into initiative activities, having tribes work together to solve problems as well as communicate well. It was also the perfect time to find a tribe name and identities.

Tribe would be known as Tribornators, Potatoes, Faceless, 19 Warriors, Good Vibe Tribe and Savage Canadians.

The Camp had twists and turns to keep everyone guessing on what was next with the addition of an extra rotation to ensure every tribe completed the same activities. The biggest challenge for Tim was trying to guess which twin was Georgia and which was Ruby. Stop switching or he will get confused. Laser was a lot of fun for both teachers and students as it was time to be able to talk garbage and the teacher could get revenge on the students and the other way as well.

Monster was 'Epically' muddy and had each tribe emerge like swamp monsters.

Individual winners were rewarded with a hot lap in the Summit world war two army tank. Congratulations to Amber, Alex, Atley, Erin. H, Kieley, Jake Mca, Ruby and Shardae.

Thank you all that came to the Summit from Kurunjang S.C. We all look forward to seeing to back at the Summit Real soon. Get out there and unleash your greatness.

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