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Grovedale Secondary Camp 1

From the moment you'll got off the bus we knew you would be in it to win and we definitely weren’t wrong. After we got to know one another we headed down to play a game of 50 up. It wasn’t the best us coaches had seen, but there is always room for improvement. It took a while for you to find your feet in our newly formed tribes; the first task was deciding your tribe names. These were: Shawn the sheep, Supreme 15, 1,2,3 Greg, The Giants and The Spuds. We spent the rest of the afternoon meshing in our tribes while doing two rotations of activities. These activities were: Sky Bridge, Snowy River, Rock wall, Flying Fox and Inflatables. Before we knew it, the day had flown by and day one was done and dusted.

Day two and things were starting to heat up, literally the sun had come out to play and so had the tribes. We had a lot to do today and we were pumped. Todays focus was to Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and to Make lots of Mistakes. With that on our minds we smashed out our last two rotations of our first activities and leaped straight into the next ones. These were: Leap of Faith, Scav Hunt, Snake and Nails, Tash’s Ladder and Abseil. By the time it was time for the Monster Course the sun was at its peak and so were we. Running two tribes at a time as well as a teacher’s team we were excited to get down and dirty. All tribes absolutely smashed the course and completed it in record times. BUT we weren’t done yet. As each tribe crossed the finish line they huddled together to discuss the awesomeness that just happened. It was then they Liv explained that there was no winner and the only way to decide was too run the course again. It was amazing to see all of you meet this challenge head on. After so much epic-ness we celebrated by having some fun on the waterslide before dinner.

Wednesday, and sadly the final day of camp. We had half a day to really push ourselves and finish what we started on Monday. Today was all about pushing yourselves and not going home wondering what if. The morning started strong with a great game of jockies, from there it was time to jump into our last two rotations. On the Leap of Faith we saw students going beyond what they thought they could do and some even going blind folded, amazing work guys. As lunch was drawing closer we gathered together as a group to look back on the last three days and see the difference within our groups and ourselves.

Five outstanding people were nominated by their tribe for giving everything they had to camp. These awesome legends were: Star, Darcy, Jack, Hayden and …

They were lucky enough to have a hot lap in our amazing army tank. From there we said our goodbyes and hoped on the bus for the journey home.

Thank you Grovedale for coming out and having all the fun with us!

Till next time,

- Liv, Jackie, Jordan, Greg and Steph

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