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Grovedale Secondary Camp 2.

We loved hanging out with you guys this week. After hoping off the bus we learnt straight away that Liv does not have the best jokes and that Tom is definately not from around here as he began the helmet and harness brief speaking in German. With that new knowledge we were ready for some activities, We jumped straight into our first rotations of activities; These were: Sky Bridge, Rock wall, Inflatables, Flying Fox and Snowy River. There were falls left right and centre at the bridge, but it didn’t stop people from getting to the end. Tribes were smashing out Rock Wall and Fox with everyone braving the wedgie to have a go. Before we knew it, day one was done and we were super excited to see what tomorrow would bring.

We started day two off with the focus of Getting Comfortable being Uncomfortable and Make Lots of Mistakes. Us coaches explained a goal setting strategy to help with the process of pushing your boundaries. It took us a while to wake up to the day, however a quick game of huckle buckle soon got everyone ready for the big day ahead. Finishing off our first round of activities and there were so many great moments happening around the park the vibes were electric. We soon moved into our four new activities, these were: Leap of faith, Abseil, Tash’s Ladder, Snake and Nails and Scavenger Hunt. Already we had people pushing themselves of leap and abseil, some even going again to push even further. With the afternoon getting closer it was almost time to start our monster course. As tribes lined up at the start line it was hard to get a word in with all the chanting and excitement. Us coaches were amazed with the effort and team work, and as every tribe ran to the finish line we celebrated together with a guard of honour. After everyone had come across the finish line we gathered together to talk about the awesomeness that was the monster course. We asked you who you thought had won; you all were so sure it was the team with the fastest time. However we explained that we are always trying to better ourselves and the only way to determine a winner is to compete against ourselves, meaning...WE RUN THE COURSE AGAIN. And there was no stopping us, we quickly got back into our tribes and we were off. Once we had finished again the Hi-5s and smiles was endless.

Day three and the last day of camp, and boy were we going to make the most of it. With only two activities left there was no time to waste. Again everywhere around the park people were continuing to push themselves, even teachers were pushed to their limits. Once again time had flown by and we were having some lunch and wrapping up camp, but not before tom with a German rap song treated us. We gave you your well waited for monster course results, with every tribe improving their time, WELL DONE EVERYONE. We also took the time to acknowledge some tribe members who you as a tribe voted as the members who really embraced the camp experience. These people were: Lily, Amelia, Ben, Liam and Caleb. Well-done legends!!! As a reward we all got to watch them have a hot lap in our army tank and CRASH A CAR. From there it was time to say our last goodbyes and head to the bus.

Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming out and having all the fun. Remember to always surround yourselves with positive people and remember Two pieces of fruit but only one watermelon!

Monster Improvement Times

1st Koalas – 6.30min

2nd Pekin Ducks – 4.40min

3rd G.Unit – 4.30min

4th Hill Billy Bogans – 3.40min

5th Slightly above average – 1min

- Liv, Tom, Tim, Jackie and Jordan

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