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Mt. Hira

Four Day working week and the Year nine cohort from Mt Hira chose to spend it at The Summit. Payton and I were excited for you to arrive and spend four days getting to know you guys and have all the fun :)

We eased ourselves into the program on the first day, started off with two initiatives and either Tash’s Ladder or Snake and Nails. Our focus for the day was Play All In and Have Fun, but it was also to get a taste of what camp was like and get familiar within our tribes. Both groups had decided on tribe names, so groups 1 and 2 quickly became the Sesame Wiggles and Wahusla Mukuslia (thats my best shot at spelling it guys) lol!

Wednesday arrived and despite having no power on site, the power came from you guys as we smashed out a big and epic day! We had Snake and Nails, Tash’s Ladder, High Wire, Bush Challenge, Sky Bridge and Orienteering. We started conquering our fear of heights and working together. We were slowly learning to trust our team mates, the coaches and ourselves more, allowing us to get the most out of the activities in return!

Thursday was just as epic. More opportunities to work together on the Snowy River Challenge and we went a little higher with the Giant Swing and the Summit Window. Payton and I were impressed with your progression over the days and we were curious to see how the two tribes would go in the EPIC MONSTER COURSE ….. YOU GUYS ROCKED! You blew us away but more importantly a lot of you were surprised at how much you enjoyed something that maybe initially you thought you wouldn’t!

The last day of camp arrived before we knew it, it was exciting because it meant that we were able to finish off camp and put everything we learnt to the test in the Cave and the Leap of Faith. We all thought that we were done until we surprised you with the TANK. Sammy, Taheer, Bobby and Sarah got to take a hot lap for their fellow tribe members believed that they deserved to be our Value winners for their efforts on camp this week!

Thanks so much for hanging out with us! So cool to see how far you guys came from Tuesday to Friday!

Stay Legendary and Keep Pushing Yourselves!

Mads and Peyton!

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