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Lumen Christi Point Cook

There was a lot of excited energy as the grade six's, teachers and parent helpers from Lumen Christi arrived at The Summit for their first Summit camp. I do not think anyone was more excited than the Coaches at The Summit to meet the students. After a delay in starting program thanks to Mr B, all tribes completed an initiative before moving to their first two activities.

Each tribe would evolve into their identity and come up with a tribe name. no longer were they known as 1,2, etc. but Da Summinators, Survivor All Stars, Challenge excepted, Fearless 15, 13th Dimension, Team R and Commando Ten.

Here are some of the highlights from The Summit coaches. Zoe “Fish” was some amazingly brave as she faced the Abseil wall and completed it after a few extra moments up the tower. Zac from Team R went half way up the Tashes Ladder after not even wanting to put a harness on in the first place. Sam from Survivor All Stars wanted to come back down on the ladder at High wire before going all the way to the middle of the wire. Well done. Julian was a huge help for 13th Dimension, with his willingness to always help and encourage his tribe in the Monster Course. Lucas from the Summinators was not willing to sit in the circle for the Snake and Nails but by the end of the session was happy to sit in the circle and hold Mitch the python.

Each tribe at the end of camp voted for the person who encompassed the five keys to a great camp. These people would get the hot lap in the Summit army tank. Congratulations to Michael, Charlie, Harry, Cassia, Xavier, Zac and Ella.

Thank you once again to all the teachers, parents and students at Lumen Christi Point Cook for a wonderful three day camp. We look forward to seeing to back at the Summit in the near Future.

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