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Oakleigh Grammar

Oakleigh Grammar came and spent three days at The Summit Camp with myself, Tom and Greg last week. It was a great three days full of fun, fear and excitement. We started off by getting to know our newly formed tribes by completing an initiative activity.

All tribes worked really well to try and solve the requirements for the activity. After we named our new tribes No Commit, Waganda and Fobolisous we jumped straight into our first lot of activities. These were Rock wall, Snake and Nails and Bush Challenge. With only one rotation today, everyone got a taste of what was to come over the next two days.

We started day two with a focus of "Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable" and to "Make Lots of Mistakes". With such a big day ahead people were defiantly starting to push themselves outside their comfort zones, going to new heights on Rock wall and experiencing some discomfort at Snake and Nails. Before lunch we were lucky enough to start our set of new rotations, these activities were Abseil, Cave and Tash’s Ladder.

After lunch we had an epic egg battle; tribe members received an egg and in pairs had to see how far they could throw their egg before it dropped of even funnier, smash in their very own hands. Even the teachers and coaches got involved however they were not victorious as No Commit took out the win.

We had one more epic activity planned for you, and that was our Monster Course. Coaches were super impressed on the level of teamwork and encouragement from every tribe. To finish off a great day we headed over to the waterslide to continue the fun before dinner. Day three and focusing on "Not Going Home What If" we jumped straight into our rotations. We scaled even higher at Tash’s ladder and Abseil, while at cave everyone was going lower.

The thought that this was the last day on camp got everyone really pushing themselves till the end and us coaches saw people doing some great things on their activity. Before we knew it, it was time to head home, we couldn’t do this though without celebrating a few tribe members who went above and beyond during camp. These lucky legends got to have a hot lap in our very own WWII army tank!

Thank you again to Oakleigh for coming out and hanging with us.

- Liv, Tom & Greg

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