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Chelsea Primary School

On Wednesday 21st March the grade six students, along with teachers and parent helpers came along to The Summit for an action packed three day camp. The Action had already started before the arrival with the bus having issues along the way. This did not stop the excitement of camp.

With every tribe completing an initiative, it was time to come up with a new name and identity. Just believe, Super Summits, Flaming Unicorns and Tingle Tangles were the new tribe names.

Fraser was sensational with his attempt on the Tashes Ladder being the first activity he was nervous, but really pushed on to complete the whole thing with the help of his tribe. Riley was extremely brave to hold Mitch the snake as he was a little scared at first. Lilly’s willingness to really push her target, stretch and super stretch on the High Wire after a few attempts. Logan was so brave after slipping on the mud wall at Bush Challenge.

Super Summits were super involved with the Photo Scavenger Hunt with a total 610 points. Just believe were the best tribe in the Bush Challenge with a time of 28:25. Monster was so fun, wet and muddy. The most improved tribe was Just Believe with an improvement of 10:23.

Values winner were voted by each tribe on who in the tribe lived by the five keys the most; and were rewarded for their efforts with a hot lap in The Summit army tank. Congratulation to Fraser, Charlie, Kaiden and Kayla. From everyone at The Summit, thank you everyone from Chelsea Heights to stay. We look forward to seeing you back at The Summit in the near future.

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