Our Lady of Sion

April 11, 2018


Last week of term, and what a way to end an epic term than with the very excited and kind year 8’s from Sion. 

We had a mixture of activities planned, and a mixture of weather to go along with it. 

There were plenty of opportunities from us to push ourselves and challenge some of our fears. 

The coaches were immediately impressed with the year levels ability to encourage each other and the team work that the tribes were able to embody straight away. 


We smashed out the Flying Fox, Snowy River Challenge, Sky Bridge, Laser Skirmish, Leap of Faith, High Wire, Bush Challenge, Abseil, Snake and Nails, Giant Swing, Cave and the RockWall. There were so many legendary moments on all of the activities. 


There were two ULTIMATE challenges that we could not possibly forget to mention. They were the MONSTER COURSE and the EPIC night BOARD BREAK session that was run by the coaches also. 


Other than all the activities, there was plenty of laughing, screaming, singing and dancing which made the park a real delight to be around while you guys were here! 


For some of the challenges we made them a little more competitive by timing them and the results are as follows. 


Snowy River Challenge: 

Tribe 2: 19:44

Tribe 3: 19:48

Tribe 4: 17:37

Tribe 5: 22:42

Tribe 6: 27:14

Tribe 7: 22:37

Tribe 8: 23:22

Tribe 9: 34:10

Tribe 10: 44: 57



Bush Challenge: 

Tribe 1: 44:00

Tribe 2: 15:09

Tribe 3: 21:14

Tribe 7: 20:52

Tribe 8: 22:22

Tribe 9: 20:49

Tribe 10: 37:58

Tribe 11: 33:30

Tribe 12: 22:30


Monster Course Lap Improvement Times: 


Lobsters: 3:43

Slippery Snags: 4:34

Spicy Squad: 5:23

Golden Goats: 2:55 

Goldie Locks: 2:06

Fighting Ninja White Wolves: 6:11

Purple Popping: 4:40

Better Blues: 8:50

Legendary Silver Shakers: 1:49

Soggy Blues: 4:03

White Chicks: 5:06 


Some of us learnt while on camp that having a focus and a goal made it easier for us to achieve our best and push harder than we initially thought. As soon as you all arrived we gave you guys 5 things to focus on that would allow you to have a more than incredible camp experience. The five things were: Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and Don’t Go Home Wondering What If. There were a few of you that embraced these % things especially and you all voted for them to be recognised. For their efforts these people got to have a ride in our ARMY TANK. Well-done to Caitlyn, Brenna, Maya, Lara, Jasmine B, Charlotte, Abbey S, Steph, Lucia, Chloe, Nina, Holly, Liv and Tori. Great Job Ladies. 

Great Job to everyone. 

We hope you all had fun and enjoy your easter break. 

All the best, 


Mads, Matt, Jords, Katie, Dusty, Pay, Ash, Dan, Greg, Tim, Liv, Jac, Kyle and Tom. 

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