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Warragul Regional College

We had the pleasure of having Warragul Regional College come to The Summit for what was going to be an intense couple of days! We started off with some quick and fun initiatives to get the ball rolling, it was here that our new tribe names were formed.

Our six groups were now renamed; The Unholy Alliance, Raggazzi Sono Qui, Lil Ducks, Aussie Mullets, Summit Psychos and Beyond Realms. Now that our tribes had names, it was time to do some activities. There was bouncing off the walls at Inflatables, people were running around trying to pick up as many points as possible at Orienteering, Laser and Scavenger Hunt, some were flying across the Sky Bridge and climbing high to reach the top of Tash’s Ladder but we weren’t done yet!

After dinner the tribes would be going head to head running the most epic obstacle course ever and at night just created more intensity. All tribes were super excited and crushed their first lap of the course and the excitement grew even more when we told you that we would be running the course again. This time wasn’t to beat the other tribes, but to improve their own benchmark time that was made on the first lap.

The next morning their were a few sore tribe members around camp, but nothing was going to get in the way of the big day we had planned. With new activities, everyone was ready to push themselves harder than the day before. These new activities saw more and more people push outside their comfort zones. One highlight example would be Daley on the Leap of Faith. He had never had done the Leap of Faith before, Daley decided to do it blindfolded and no doubt with courage like that smashed the whole activity!

As it was getting to our final rotation we took a moment to recognise some tribe members that had really put everything they had into their camp experience. These awesome legends were; Maddy, Cooper, Bailey, Elly, Bailey Mc and Daley. Well done guys!

Thank you Warragul Regional for to The Summit, you all did a fantastic job and should be very proud of yourselves. We hope to see you again in the future!

Monster Results

1st Place - Unholy Alliance

2nd Place - Ragazzi Sono Qui, Aussie Mullets and Beyond Realms 3rd Place - Lil Ducks 4th Place - Summit Psychos

- Liv, Madz, Tim, Matt, Tom, Payton, Dan, Jordan, Ash, Katie, Trin and Greg.

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