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Lyndale Secondary

We loved having Lyndale at The Summit last week. After arriving and settling in, it was games games games! Everywhere we looked there were games being played and boy did everyone want to be the winner. One of the games we started with was 50 up, here we got our first taste of group cooperation and team work. It wasn’t a bad effort finishing with 83 on the third 4th attempt!

Over the next couple of hours tribe names were formed and activities were under way. Tribes were running around the park like crazy trying to pick up the most points at Scav and Orienteering. Up at Inflatables everyone was tumbling through the adrenaline rush and Bush Challenge to try and beat the other team or get the best time.

At the end of the first day there was no better way to end it then with a bit of volleyball, this time though students versus coaches. Students had a very promising start however it was the coaches that got the win.

Day two and it was a big one! With three activities and a massive Monster Course everyone was eager to get started. Different from yesterday we had a lot of high activities! Summit Window and Abseil had everyone scaling up to new heights, there were plenty of falls, and a massive amount of persistence at the Sky Bridge. High Wire and Snowy River Challenge had all team members involved with belaying and belaying and working together to get through the Snowy River challenges.

By the time the afternoon rolled around we were all pumped and excited for the Monster Course. Like we expected you all crushed the first lap, even the teachers got in the mud and had a go. However we still knew you all had more to give, and that the course isn’t about competing against other, but in fact about competing against yourselves. With that in mind and with Rocky Balboa as our inspiration we all ran a second lap and to no surprise at all you all improved you original times!!

Last day of camp and we were sad to see you go, we finished off our last two activities with ease. As the end draw closer it was time to say our goodbyes but not without sharing some awesome results. again well done to every tribe with their efforts in the monster course! We also celebrated one person from every tribe who was recognised by their tribe members for their efforts while at camp.

Thank you again to Lyndale for coming to The Summit and having heaps of fun with us!

- Liv, Matt, Tom, Pay, Kyle and Mia.

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