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Cranbourne Secondary

The Summit just spent the second half of this week with the year sevens from Cranbourne Secondary!

You guys were an excited bunch and were super supportive of each other in your tribes.

We had so many activities in stall for you guys and we gave you 5 keys to focus on to help you on your camp journey!

The Keys were HAVE FUN, PLAY ALL IN, DONT GO HOME WONDERING WHAT IF, GET COMFORTABLE BEING UNCOMFORTABLE AND MAKE LOTS OF MISTAKES. The activities we had install were the: RockWall, Bush Challenge, High Wire, Sky Bridge, Cave, Giant Swing, Snake and Nails, Leap of Faith, Scavenger Hunt, Tash’s Ladder.

Their were two team activities the Bush Challenge and the Monster Course.

The bush Challenge was a timed activity and the results are as follows:

1st - Group 7 - 24:30

2nd - Group 5 - 28:28

3rd - Group 2 - 33:14

4th - Group 3 - 35:34

5th - Group 4 - 36:12

The monster course was also a team activity but we were less focused on how quickly we could do it and more concerned about how well you guys could work within your times and how much you could improve when we did it again!!!!!!

The improvement times were:

Squad Fam - 10minutes

Haydens Fault - 7 min

Team Alpha - 7 min

Whats for Dinner - 5min

Potatoes - 5 mins

Wukunda - 5mins

Skittles - 4min

Cupcakes - 4mins

Ducks - 1min

Legends +5min

Teachers - 2mins

Thanks so much for an excellent week, I know that many of you will be walking away with a stronger confidence in yourself and your abilities.

A extra special well-done to the values winners who were voted by their teams for being incredible tribe members and living by the 5 keys all week. Good Job to Raven, Kira, Nick, Brandon, Brianna, Abbey, Hayley, Victoria, Indiana, Damien, Maddi, Tarry, Millie.

Keep being groovy,

The summit coaches.

Maddi, Tom. Kyle, Dan, Payton, Mia, Dusty, Matt, Jac, Greg, Jords

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