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Taylors Lakes Secondary

The Summit had the pleasure of having Taylors Lakes come and spend three awesome days with us. With lots to do we got straight into some fun with a game of 50 up, and on the 4th attempt we made it to 65.

We then broke off into our tribe groups for some problem solving initiatives, here we decided our new tribe names. These were; Warrior one, Gary Tribe, Yeet, All in, Chicken Dinner, Alpha Gnomes and Lucky 7s! Everyone was super excited to do the activities and at the end of the first day everyone had been smashing through their Targets, Stretches and Super Stretches.

Day Two and what a big day it was going to be! Continuing with activities and everyone seemed to be enjoying every activity. We had; Giant Swing, Laser Skirmish, Leap of Faith, Snake and Nails, Tash’s Ladder, Cave, and Scavenger Hunt.

We also had a massive Monster Course that we ran in the afternoon. Again everyone was very excited on what was to come with this epic course. All the coaches were super impressed with how well the tribes came together to complete the obstacles. After your first lap we all came back together on the stage, to talk about how epic that run was! We told you that there isn’t a winner….yet. We also explained to you that at the Summit we are always looking for ways to be better and improve ourselves and therefore the only way to determine the winner was to bet your original time…meaning WE RUN AGAIN! To the coaches surprise you all were super excited to run again and boy were us coaches blown away on how much the tribes improved.

Day three and sadly the final day of camp, today our only focus was to Don’t Go Home Wondering What If. With that on our mind we smashed our last two activities and before we knew it, it was time to say our goodbyes. We did have one more surprise though. Each tribe voted for one person who had put their heart and soul into camp and these lucky students got to have an awesome ride in our WWII Army Tank!!

Monster Times

1st - Yeets

2nd- Chicken Dinner

3rd- Gary Tribe

4th- Warrior One

5th- Lucky 7

6th-Alphas Gnomes

7th- All in

Tank Winners

Amy, Alister, Olivia, Sansa, Anthony, Antonio and Jasmine.

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