Lyndhurst Primary School

June 5, 2018

 Monday the 14th of May saw the year 6 students and their teachers from Lyndhurst P.S arrive at The Summit. The energy was electric from everyone involve with this program.


The initiatives were a great start to camp with each tribe forming an identity and coming up with a tribe name. There was not only a clash in name but teachers willing their tribe to win a rock paper scissors battle to keep their name (Summit Survivors) between Summit survivors and the Summit Ballerinas. The tribes were known as 'Skirturtles', 'Summit Warriors', 'Summit Ballerinas', 'Summit Survivors', '15 not 16 warriors' and The 'Summit Stars' which rolled on into the first of the rotations. On the first day the 15 not 16 warriors realized that strategy during laser and 'playing all in' improved the games.


Tuesday was the action day with 4 rotations of activities as well as the Monster Course. Molly and Keighley had Timmay in stitches with their fox attempts. Summit stars team work during Bush Challenge was incredible especially on the mud wall. During the Monster Course Maddi  carried her teams’ tyres the entire way around the course, what an effort for your tribe.


Wednesday was about the epic photo Scavenger hunt as well as the last of the rotations of activities. Scavenger hunt was won by skirturtles with 710 points, followed by the draw of 610 from 15 not 16 warriors and Summit stars. Bush challenge was won by 15 not 16 warriors with a time of 32.08 followed by Summit survivors with 33.03 and in third was Summit warriors with 33.56. Monster was the Summit stars taking the win with an improvement time of 6.18 followed by 15 not 16 warriors with 3.15 improvement and third went to Summit survivors with 2.02. Values winners from each tribe were rewarded with a ride in the Summit army tanks thanks to the votes of their tribe members. These legends were Jayden, Kealey, Maddi, Lucas, Ella, Jacinta, Albin, Kiara and Will. Well done to you all. Thank you everyone who came to camp from Lyndhurst P.S. we look forward to seeing you back at the Summit next year.






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