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Brunswick Secondary College

We had the pleasure of having Brunswick Secondary College come to The Summit for the first time last week. We were very excited to get started and show you everything the Summit had to offer.

We had nine activities to do over the course of the three days, these were; Rockwall, Snowy River Challenge, Giant Swing, Snake and Nails, Leap of Faith, Scavenger Hunt, Sky Bridge, High Wire and Tash’s Ladder.

After day one of activities, everyone was really making a effort to give every activity ago. Day two and we had big things planned for everyone, first we smashed out four activities. The coaches were stoked with how much everyone was crushing their activities and how many people were hitting their goals and some even going further then they originally planned. By the afternoon everyone was pumped and ready for the epic monster course.

Running in you tribes, everyone worked together to complete the monster obstacles and try to beat the other tribes. Once you crossed the finish line, your coach pulled you all in and told you something that would never imagine possible. We were running the course again!!

Some had there doubts on whether you could complete another lap, but all tribe members left for that second lap regardless. Crossing the finish line the first time was great, but when you all crossed for the second time we could see how impressed and amazed you were with all your efforts.

Day three and with not much time, everyone was eager to do there last two activities. Still on day three us coaches saw people pushing themselves more and more with their activities. After lunch we gave you some results and acknowledged one member from each tribe, these were the values winners. Congratulations to Finn, Reece, Amelia x2, Charlie, Lucy, Sandro, Zara and Harry. These awesome legends got to crush a car with our WWII army tank! From there it was time to say our final goodbyes and head to the buses home.


1st Warm Munchies

2nd Biscuits

3rd Clueless

4th Steezy

5th Fresh Cleets

6th Indecisive

7th Seaguls

8th Prank Patrol

9th Scavengers

Thank you again to Brunswick for coming and hanging out with us.

- Liv, Mads, Matt, Dusty, Pay, Kyle, Steph, Jordan and Mia

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