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Brighton Secondary (Week 1 camp)

On Monday the 21st May, Brighton S.C Yr 9's and 6 f their great teachers came to The Summit for a fantastic five day camp.

The weather was a little drizzly but did not stop the enthusiasm of everyone. It was all about the initiatives and tribe names on Monday with tribe completing four initiatives, coming up with a tribe name and having fun. Baewatch, Ewoks, Sand and Big Mac were these names. Baewatch took out the fastest Keypunch time of 41 seconds.

Dinner dishes duty was the beginning of the blame Toby for everything that went wrong and he took it in his stride.

Tuesday was all about the epic efforts of teams and individuals as each tribe completed Laser, Inflatables, Orienteering and Photo Scavenger Hunt. Max was so into his laser he gave himself a black eye thanks to the scope of his gun.

Timmay thinks he just wanted to be cool like Timmay. Howey had some sick flips and move for the morning intentions. Lots of tribes during Photo scav decided that to play all in they would not just dip their faces into the lake water for 50 points but submerge their entire heads to play all in. The speed team dream team were incredibly fast through the Adrenalin rush of Inflatable city.

Wednesdays focus was make lots of mistakes and learn from them. With 4 new challenging activities, there was a lot to learn about the tribe and themselves. Snowy River was the timed and team activity really tested each tribe. The Target, Stretch and Super Stretch ball game had every tribe really discover what they are capable of, make some mistakes but learn from them. When they put their mind to it, each tribe could achieve so much more. This idea would help throughout the rest of camp when confronted with activities that are challenging to them.

Thursday was all about getting comfortable being uncomfortable. The introductions of Snakes, Leap of faith, Tash’s Ladder and the cave provided plenty of opportunity to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Dark spaces, heights, the use of blind folds and touching snakes showed some real uncomfortableness.

Monster Course was muddy, wet and FUN. There was mud sliding before the Monster Course had even started which set up the great atmosphere for the course. Ewoks improved by 1.20, Baewatch improved by 1.56, Big Mac improved by 4.54 but taking it out was Sand who improved by 5.41. Brilliant effort everyone.

Friday was the last day and the theme for today was not going home wondering what if, have no regrets about your effort at camp. Everyone gave it their all and through this each tribe voted for someone who lived by these five keys throughout camp.

Winners were rewarded with a hot lap in the Summit army tank. Congratulations to Olivia, Will, Steph, Charles and Bennet. Thank you again to all the student and teachers who came to camp for camp one of Brighton S.C.

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