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Brighton Secondary (Week 2 camp)

What another sensational week it has been with the students and teachers from Brighton S.C for the second week in a row. There was some returning staff along with some new faces, like wise on the Summit team. This week was about family with most tribe using some form of family in their name. I’m your daddy, Ya Mum, Whewwhee, I’m your granddaddy, How good are we and Who’s your daddy were the tribe names for the week.

Each day there was a focus on one of the five keys. First day was about having fun and fun to be around. This was evident with the ever cool t-shirt of Tom and his Polaroid camera. Awesome t-shirt! Initiatives had a frog theme with leaping lily pads and Fred the frog making an appearance at the Half pipe.

Photo Scavenger hunt had all tribe really start to step up the competition and Play All In. This was well displayed by Riley who was not only running in between objects but asking of his team the same. The eventual winners of the Photo scav hunt were I’m your granddaddy with 870 points, followed by Ya Mum with 860 points. Coster was extraordinary with his effort to get to the wire on High Wire which was well above his super stretch. Aiden, Tash and Charlotte were the stand out for their efforts with the snake sessions when they held either Mitch or Monty unassisted to really push themselves past their comfort zones.

The focus for Wednesday was make lots of mistakes because that is where the growth happens.

There was a lot of growth not only from individuals but also tribes. Clyde was not a fan of the dark or tight spaces so when he and his tribe took on the Snowy River challenges wombat hole it took every bit of determinations. Winners of the snowy were Who’s your daddy in 14.49, followed by Ya Mum in 18.27.

Thursday saw Maddi break Tims Little red wagon and got us getting loose, funky and body moving all in the name of getting comfortable being uncomfortable. Leap of faith was very uncomfortable for a lot of people but the determination to get what each person wanted made for an electric atmosphere as stretches and super stretches were aplenty.

Monster was the mad mud run with all teams digging deep as they crawled, ran climbed, slid and carried their way through the tough course. Monster was taken out by I’m your granddaddy who improved by 7.21. Awesome job.

Values winners were voted for from tribe members from each tribe to reward someone who lived by the summit keys of camp. Congratulations to Aki, Dan, Nodis, Oliver, Jules and Beth, you were a great choose for values winners. Once again thank you to every member of the Brighton S.C staff and students who came to The Summit.

We look forward to helping you again in the future to unleash your greatness. For you future personal development, don’t forget to visit the limitless online course free for you at

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