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Gisborne Secondary

We had the pleasure of having Gisborne Secondary College come to The Summit for an epic three day camp. As soon as us coaches meet all of you, we knew we would be in for a fun couple of days!

We started with some problem solving initiatives where we established our awesome tribe names, these were; Bearded ladies, Huka tribe, Yuga Bugga Chicken Nuggets, Jamaican bobsled team, Abalones, Duddies, el Corky and the rejects.

With our new tribes, we were ready to start our activities for the next three days we had all the fun with Bush Challenge, Summit Window, Laser, Flying Fox, Giant Swing, Scavenger Hunt, Sky Bridge, Inflatables and High Wire. From day one till the last activity on Friday coaches saw so many people crushing their activities and everyone was taking on more and more challenges as we raised the bar for our Targets, Stretch and Super Stretches.

On day two we started with an epic rock paper scissors game where Ruby took out the top spot beating Richard in the gaga pit. There was also a picture contest going around to see who could get the most epic picture on camp and there was some creative ideas around the park. Everyone was taking on more and more challenges as we raised the bar for our Targets, Stretch and Super Stretches. It was so awesome to see time and time again how much further you all went, when you thought you couldn’t do more.

This was also amazing to see when we completed the epic Monster Course. It did come as a surprise when we told you that we would be running the course again. This time not to compete against other tribes but works together to improve on your own time.

Even though it was so cold you all still powered through to the finish line on your second lap and it was an incredible sight.

Sadly camp did have to end, but us coaches had one more surprise up our sleeve. Some very lucky people, one nominated from every tribe got to have a ride in our very own WWII army tank. From there it was time to say our final goodbyes and head to the buses for the journey home.

Thank you again to Gisborne for having all the fun and making our week so enjoyable.

- Liv, Matt, Dusty, Kyle, Jackie, Steph, Greg, Mia,Trin and Anya.


1st - Duddies

2nd - El Corkie

3rd - Ugga Bugga Chicken Nuggets

4th - Abbalones

5th - Rejects

6th - Huka Tribe

7th - Bearded Ladies

8th - Bottle top Bills

9th - Jamaican Bobsled Team

Bush Times

Bearded Ladies 21.42min

Huka Tribe 24.35min

Yugga Bugga Chicken nuggets 24.55min

Jamaican bobsled team 30.47min

Abalones 43.34min

Duddies 25.52min

Bottle top bills 27.31min

El Corky 23.50min


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