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Sandringham Secondary

Just after we celebrated the queens birthday we welcomed the year 8’s from Sandringham college.

We had three epic days planned, with 9 epic activities:

Bush Challenge

Leap of Faith

Laser Skirmish

High Wire

Scavenger Hunt

Flying Fox

Tash’s Ladder

Snake N Nails

Sky Bridge

We all came up with team names and tribes 1 - 9 became:

  1. Tuck ya shirts in

  2. I don’t Know

  3. Keel Cidz

  4. Garinators

  5. Cookies are Waiting

  6. The mistakes

  7. Team 7

  8. Pythons

  9. Kermit

The first day we got to know our groups and focused on having fun and playing all In.

The next day was even more epic with four activities and the Monster Course.

The Monster Course was awesome and everyone was really impressed with how the teams worked together.

Almost all of the teams improved their time during the second lap.

The results are:

3rd Place - Cool Kids - 4:53

2nd Place - Pythons - 5:20

1st Place - Team 7 - 6:54

Everyone did a great job on camp, some special moments the coaches remember were:

Great job Julian from team 5 for taking charge during the Scavanger Hunt and making sure everyone was participating. Awesome stuff to Tyler during snake and nails who smashed his Super Stretch and faced his fear of snakes.

Special mention to the values winners who were voted from their tribe members: Sophie, Ben, Ellie, Lilly, Julian, Tom, Louis, McKenzie, Luke.

Cheers and Stay Groovy,

Mads, Liv, Tom, Pay, Jords, Dan, Steph, Greg, Mia,

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